Welcome to Therapy!

I heard a calling to give my natural and cultivated gifts back to the community. I offer my abilities in facilitating the soul journey that reveals one’s gifts and help people discover what makes them come truly alive. I believe in practicing the art of nature based therapy as a way of passing on wisdom through a connection to the natural world and past generations to create an environment for one to access their own inner wisdom.

Counseling and therapy has many definitions and has been used in a variety of contexts. In the village model of community, there are people who are focused on helping  others find balance, navigate relationships, affirm their feelings, give permission to speak their truth, create healthy boundaries and empower their higher selves. I want to bring back this valuable relationship to strengthen ourselves, each other, and the community.

I believe in carefully tracking one’s story through deep heart felt listening that enables me to mirror back patterns, themes, and one’s unfolding mythology. I increase awareness through reflecting back what I see, hear, sense, and intuit. Validating the whole self, I create a safe space to encourage the expression of emotions in a constructive manner integrating separate parts of ourselves.

I recognize that in some models of counseling and therapy there is a stigma attached to the process through the ideology of pathologizing one’s mental state as an illness. Instead of labeling someone with a disorder, I look to where we are out of balance and how to get back into balance through awareness, insight, and healthy practices.

I am informed through my life experiences, my natural abilities to connect, my deep connection to nature, and my commitment to educational and enriching opportunities that facilitate my own inner growth. I am dedicated to empowering and trusting my inherent and developed abilities through the paths of experience and education that feel authentic and true for me.

The journey of following my heart has led to fifteen years as a nature based educator and wilderness guide, training in indigenous inspired rites of passage work, and completing a Counseling masters degree and 4,000 hours of supervised internship.

In addition to meeting in my office in downtown Sebastopol or Laguna Farm, we can also set up time to meet outside and incorporate the healing aspects of fresh air, sunshine, wildlife, and natural landscapes combined with traditional forms of therapy.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, I’d love to work with you every step of the way. Please contact me today!